Is polystyrene foam safe for health?

Yes. This material has all the certificates confirming that the materials from which the dome components are made are safe for health and the environment. Certificates are issued in compliance with all EU safety and quality requirements.

Is it possible to live in a dome house permanently?

Yes, it is possible to live in it permanently. The thickness of its walls and roof is 20 cm, which is enough to guarantee that the dome is sealed and warm.

The main building material of the dome is polystyrene foam. This building will not dust (like stone or glass wool) and will not cause allergies.

Isn’t a dome house dangerous in case of a fire?

The dome house is built of polystyrene foam made in Lithuania, which is produced in accordance with the safety requirements set by the EU. This material is non-combustible, making the house safe. Polystyrene foam does not burn by itself. Numerous tests have been performed to confirm that taking the open fire source away makes the fire go out.

Are supports necessary inside the dome?

This construction technology makes it possible not to use supporting structures or similar elements. The load is evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the dome, so supports are not necessary.

Are there domes built in Lithuania according to this technology?

Yes, there is already a dome built in Lithuania, which you can see, stay in, feel its atmosphere.
To come and see (Švenčionys district.), it is necessary to agree in advance on the time of arrival by phone 861188091

Below is a video showing the construction of the Lithuanian dome.


Are building permits required?

Building permits are mandatory only when the construction will take place in protected areas (reserve, park, etc.). Also, building permits are required if the name of the building will be “Residential House”. If the name will be “Garden House”, “Guest House” or “Auxiliary Building”, then building permits are not required.

Link to article on building permits: here

Can a strong wind blow a house, after all, it is light?

The dome is made of polystyrene foam and it is relatively light, but the shape itself is aerodynamic, sleek, so even the strongest gust of wind will not blow the house, because the wind will simply have nothing to “hook” for. In addition, the house itself is attached to the foundation.

Where can I see the dome house project?

Dome house projects are made individually. But projects are necessary only when the house under construction will be named as “Residential House”. If the name will be “Garden House”, “Guest House” or similar, building permits are not required. Interior layout is possible without a project, as there are no supporting structures that would limit the layout of the premises. If over time there is a need to change partitions and rooms, it is possible to remodel freely, the dome will not change its stability.

3D projects of the dome houses can be seen by clicking HERE

Is it difficult to build a dome house yourself using ready-made details?

The construction of the dome is simple, the dome is assembled like a constructor. For each buyer we provide full details of our production details (dome house parts set) about the construction of the dome, instructions and drawings are given.

The process of dome formation can be seen by clicking here.

A description of the nodes and elements of the dome building can be seen by clicking here.

The plan – drawing of the dome house can be seen by clicking here.

What does "Dome House Kit" mean?

The dome house kit are parts that are made of EPS200 Polystyrene foam.

Windows, doors, finishing materials are not included in the concept of the set.


What kind of ventilation is best?

If the dome house will be used for non-permanent living, e.g. as a summer house or as a guest house, natural ventilation (e.g. open window) is sufficient. However, if the dome house will be inhabited permanently, it is recommended to install a “recuperator”. The recuperator is selected individually according to the number of inhabitants, and prices start from ~ 250 € or less.

Will a snow hat not break the dome?

The shape of the dome is such that the snow is carried by the wind and does not stay on the dome. Even if a layer of snow accumulates, the entire weight is evenly distributed throughout the dome structure.

A good example is with an egg: try squeezing an egg (uncooked) in the palm of your hand, resting on one end in the palm of your hand and the other on your fingers. This way you will make sure that the egg is really firm. The dome is just like an egg, sturdy.

Is such a dome house gnawed by rodents?

The domed house is built of polystyrene foam, in other words, of porous plastic, and plastic is not food for rodents. Yes, plastic is not a big hurdle for rodents, if they need it, they can sneak in, but only in search of food. Although it is necessary to pay attention to one very important aspect – the dome house is reinforced with reinforcement mesh and a cement mixture, so the polystyrene is locked both from the outside and inside and rodents do not gnaw cement. Therefore, the domed house is protected from rodents.

How big can we build a dome house?

When preparing to build your dream home, you need to decide what size it will be. The table below lists the most commonly constructed dome sizes:

Dome diameter Ø6m Ø7m Ø8m Ø9m Ø10m Ø11m
Floor area 28,27 38,48 50,26 63,62 78,54 95,03m²

A dome 5 meters in diameter or smaller is more suitable as an extra room than as a full house. And the dome, with a floor area of ​​more than 80 square meters, is being built with building permits and all the necessary projects.

Is it possible to buy a dome house in installments?

To date, it is not possible to purchase a dome in installments, but it is possible to apply to a credit company for a credit.

How tall can a dome house be?

The height of the dome is calculated very simply. Let’s choose, as an example, a dome with a diameter of Ø8m. 8m / 2 = 4m (this is the radius). Radius is the distance, from the center in all directions, at the same time, to the top. In this case, the highest point of the ceiling will be 4m. But the technology allows the highest point of the ceiling to be raised up to a height of 1.2m, additionally. When the dome is raised, the bending of the sphere itself would start not from the very base on which the dome is built, but above, from the raised zero level. According to the example of our chosen dome, the highest ceiling point can be 5.2m.

In this way, the height of any dome can be calculated. 1.2m-0.3m can be added to the dome radius if you so choose.

What decoration is best?

The exterior decoration of a domed house can have several options:

  • Reinforcement (cement mixture with facade mesh) + Waterproofing + Painting.
  • Reinforcement (cement mixture with facade mesh) + Waterproofing + Decorative plaster.
  • Reinforcement (cement mixture with facade mesh) + Waterproofing + Bituminous flakes.

Dome house, interior, decoration:

  • Reinforcement (cement mixture with facade mesh) + Putty + Painting
What kind of heating can be installed? And what kind is impossible?

The dome house can have any heating system that can be purchased in the Lithuanian market. There are no specific restrictions, it is possible to install:

  • Heat pump (air-to-air; air-to-water)
  • Solid fuel boiler
  • Gas boiler
  • Fireplace
  • Other …

Most importantly, follow fire regulations.

How much can the interior installation (partitions, plumbing) cost?

Everyone has their own needs, worldviews and habits, so we are all special and unique. Some feel comfortable in the open spaces, others find peace by separating themselves from the world in a small room. Some need to keep up with the latest technology, while others want simplicity. That is why it is interesting to live in a colourful world.

Unambiguously, the answer to this question is impossible. What may be right for one is completely unacceptable for another.

In order to be able to say at least approximately how much the interior installation (electrical installation, plumbing, ventilation, partitions) would cost, it is necessary to know the client and his world, which is possible only during a live meeting.

How to attach the dome to the foundation?

Attaching the dome house to the foundation is very simple, after forming the dome box, it is simply glued, filling the technological gaps with glue.


What does a planar foundation look like?

The document, which provides a schematic representation, the installation of planar foundations, can be seen by clicking. “here”.

Or watch our video:

Can the dome walls be thicker than that of "standard"?

The polystyrene foam may be thicker. We can produce it as thick as needed. To achieve “A” class, 20cm thick is enough, to reach “A +” class (in terms of energy efficiency) the wall thickness must be at least 28cm. However, when choosing the thickness of the dome walls, not only the desired energy class must be taken into account, but also the diameter of the desired dome. The larger the dome, the thicker the walls.

Diameters Wall thickness
Ø6m 28cm
Ø7m 28cm
Ø8m 28cm
Ø9m 28cm
Ø10m 30cm
Ø11m 35cm

More information can be found on the "Polystyrene Foam Association" page

Click on the association logo to learn more about polystyrene foam, regulations, requirements and news.

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